My sister in Australia first introduced me to Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy back in 2018. On hearing about it and with some initial scepticism I started carrying out much research online. I discovered that PEMF had been around in many parts of the world for several decades and that there had been many clinical trials and reports on its use in successfully healing certain health conditions. Having suffered problems of side effects with prescribed drugs for my enlarged prostate, and additionally having had no success in finding a solution for my IBS and insomnia, I decided to look around for a PEMF device that was suitable. I looked at the reviews and listened to recommendations and I decided to trial the IMRS PEMF mat for two months. Gill Wilson of the PEMF Centre in Hertfordshire sorted out all the details for me and very kindly followed up on my progress with useful information and advice. After a week of using the iMRS mat and pad 2 or 3 times a day the prostate and IBS pain had almost completely gone and in the next few weeks all the pain disappeared. I also found I was now sleeping a good eight hours each night and my visits to the bathroom particularly at night had decreased. As a consequence of this amazing success I decided to invest in the PEMF device and buy the IMRS Professional.
In the following months my enlarged prostate symptoms have continued to minimise and I have experienced no pain from the prostate or from the IBS. I have also continued to sleep much better. In addition, the accompanying iguide has enabled me to use the iMRS to resolve many other acute or chronic health issues. Money well spent!

Keith Wood Smith - iMRS Miracle Device June 2019

I recently contacted Gill at the PEMF Centre regarding doing a rent to won trial of an iMRS device. She very efficiently organized everything for me and within days it arrived. As I’m a health practitioner I was very interested in everything to do with the iMRS and how to use it. Gill very kindly offered a training package which I took advantage off and once a week we spoke on the phone where Gill answered all my questions and explained the various functions, etc. of the iMRS. Gill is extremely knowledgeable in all things to do with PEMF and the iMRS in particular and very professional. She made a lot of information available to me that I probably wouldn’t have got otherwise or would have to search for myself. She’s been very friendly, patient and helpful which is very much appreciated. During our training sessions she also advised me on how to support my own health problems, in particular my sleep. Within a few days my sleep was getting deeper and improving more and more until one day I slept for 9 hours without waking up in the middle of the night! Certain aches and pains have disappeared, especially a very bad backache I’ve had. I also had a very stiff thumb joint since January where I couldn’t bend the first joint at all and now after a few weeks of using the mat I’ve started being able to slowly get some movement back again which is fantastic!

Thank you very Gill for all you do and have done!

Gunilla Naturopath and Homeopath November 2018

I bought the iMRS Professional set about two months ago after getting a very informative and comprehensive consultation from Gill. I had been doing a lot of research myself already and had a million and one questions for her. Gill never rushed me and took her time to not just inform me but also gave me a try-out session on the body mat…I nearly fell asleep as it was SO relaxing!! This really helped to make my decision to buy a system for myself, as my stressful job as a Camera Director with lots of travel had been taking its toll.
When I ordered the system, I also decided to get a month's training from Gill and the weekly sessions we had, were soon renamed "the Sponge & Puddle Sessions”, as I felt I was 'soaking up' as much info as I possible could.
I knew not to expect instant results, and my own research into the validity of the science behind PEMF gave me the confidence to be patient, but boy, when I got my results back from my health practitioner after using the iMRS twice daily (sometimes more) for the last 8 weeks, I was over the moon!!! The change in me that I had started to feel, had now been 100% validated and I know I’m on the right road.

July 2019 - Fast forward to today and I have now set up my own PEMF wellness therapy, of course using the iMRS. Thanks to Gill's excellent guidance and training, I feel I am now in a place where I can share the benefits of PEMF with other people. I am looking forward to working with Gill in the future on some PEMF projects in the London area.

I would recommend Gill to guide you through the "rent to own programme on the iMRS system" and to purchase the iMRS from her at the PEMF Centre. I would also recommend Gill’s highly personal and professional training to anyone, who wants take full control of their own wellbeing.

Heidi Ahsmann - Camera Director December 2018

I have been the owner of an MRS2000, the PEMF system prior to the iMRS system since 2009 and it has become a very important ‘centre point’ in mine and my husband’s (and our dog Elsie’s) lives. We both use it as much as possible, even if we can only manage a few minutes a day, and it just seems to bring a sense of balance and harmony to our lives, both bodily and a sense of well-being and calm to our general mood each day. The dog also seems to benefit from it too. The mat is a great reliever of stress, and promotes a good night’s sleep. I often fall into a very deep sleep on the mat and wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed and energised.

It has also helped with a frozen shoulder that I had for a year ,and my husband, a Crohn’s sufferer has found that it calms the inflammation and tightness in the intestines associated with Crohn’s. I notice that when I neglect to use the mat for a while, I begin to feel fatigued and exhausted, which lifts when I start using it again, it also helps immensely with aching back and limbs, and also relieves tension headaches.

I have recently been through a difficult and stressful few years, but the mat always brings me back to balance, and calms the ‘fuzzy spikiness’ I associate with stress, and brightens my mood.

I think our lives would be very different now, if we hadn’t discovered the MRS2000 all those years ago.

Jan Howarth MRS 2000 10 years daily use June 2019

After doing much research, we found Gill Wilson at the PEMF Centre UK and responded to her warm invitation to physically come and experience the PEMF/ iMRS system at the PEMF Centre in Hertfordshire. We also booked a half day training so we could understand the best protocols to use on the iMRS at our Milestone Detox Centre to support our clients who come from many different walks of life with many different needs.

In today's world of virtual sales, it was nice to connect with an expert in-the-flesh! Of course, we bought our detox centre PEMF/ iMRS system from Gill that very day as it is so important for helping the body at a cellular level to recharge and de-stress.

We use the iMRS and iSLRS (integrated Sound and Light and Relaxation System) as an integral part of our detox protocol, prior to clients having a sauna, as it helps the body click out of the sympathetic flight-fright-freeze zone of the nervous system, and into the parasympathetic rest-relax-heal zone of the nervous system. We've seen that with regular use, the iMRS/PEMF system it helps clients who are particularly struggling with energy issues such as ME/Chronic Fatigue and for others pure relaxation and improving sleep. We highly recommend Gill Wilson as an expert for people who want to explore PEMF/ iMRS either to add to their Wellness Business or for use to support many different chronic conditions to improve quality of life by using PEMF/ iMRS at home. Gill has a particular interest in those struggling with ME/ CFS and Chronic Lyme Disease and has a lot of knowledge in this area having overcome and improved her own quality of life and wellbeing through PEMF and other little known electro medicine technologies.

We have also valued efficient after care service from Gill who responds quickly to any technical questions long after the system has been purchased.

Helena Cavan Milestone Detox Centre July 2019

I’ve been severely debilitated from Lyme and associated diseases for nearly 6 years.
Throughout that time I’d tried many different treatments and seen many different doctors. My
health had waxed and waned before completely crashing in the latter half of 2016. I became
bedridden again and it was a struggle to simply endure each day. I was severely underweight,
gaining symptoms, in a lot of pain, and I couldn’t see a way out of the situation. It felt like my
body was shutting down.

I was referred to Gill at the PEMF centre by a naturopathic doctor and she kindly assisted me
with the “community programme” allowing me to use an MRS 2000 system for three months.
Alongside using the PEMF mat I started a number of other therapies including IV infusions,
herbal medications and supplements. I had heard of PEMF before but knew next to nothing
about it, and like most people, didn’t want a large financial outlay to try something that may not
have helped.

Over the three months of using the mat I saw some significant improvements. By the end of the
three months I was leaving the house regularly, seeing friends again, cooking and doing mild
yoga. My painkiller usage dropped to about 10% of what I was previously taking, and my mood
improved considerably. I was in regular contact with Gill throughout and she assisted me with
choosing the most appropriate settings as my health improved.

I have no way to know for sure what the PEMF mat in isolation would have done, but I believe it
was a major component in my many improvements. The science behind it makes complete
sense to me and I suspect it supported my body through the other treatments and allowed them
to have greater effect.

I do not think the PEMF is a cure-all for complex disease, but it’s a fantastic tool that can
considerably help in people’s healing journeys. I would recommend that anyone with complex
disease to go to the centre and try PEMF (MRS 2000 and the iMRS) for themselves, or to rent a
mat for a few months to really get an idea if it’s something that could be beneficial to you.

Once I have the funds I plan on buying a mat and making it a part of my long term daily health
routine. Using it is quick and easy, and actually quite relaxing to take a few minutes out of your
day to lay down quietly and I often use the time to meditate.

Gill Wilson is genuine, caring, and a pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend the whole
experience highly enough!

Louise Dean

Severe Sleep Disorder

I had been unusually tired for a long time; however it started to get worryingly debilitating about 4 years ago. I would forget simple words when I was speaking get half way through a sentence and just stop, unable to recall what I was saying I just simply couldn’t find the information or words in my brain. I would do things like lose my car because I could not remember where I had parked it, I would pick my son up from school and during the 30 minute wait for my daughter’s bus to arrive, I would fall asleep which I utterly hated because I wanted to spend that time with him, listening to his day. It got to the point where I thought I may have some degenerative condition like Alzheimer’s, I felt like a living dead person – what was the point of existing when I was too tired to DO anything, and if I did do anything I was utterly wiped out afterwards. It affected every area of my life, socially, spiritually, emotionally, relationally and intellectually.

Eventually after repeatedly asking my GP to see a sleep specialist and being told I didn’t need to, I said I would pay for myself and go privately, I was referred a Sleep Specialist Doctor at the Sleep Disorder Centre Queen Victoria Hospital East Grinstead. I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea in October 2014, over the 4 night sleep monitoring it emerged that on my best night I was waking on average 20 times/hr my worst night averaged 40 times/hr. I was referred another sleep specialist at the Queen Victoria Hospital to discuss options. I was fitted with a Mandibular Advancement Device, which is a brace that pulled my lower jaw forward, the tiredness did not improve and The Doctor informed me that the only guaranteed way to “cure” me was to have surgery to advance my upper and lower jaw – this would involve sawing horizontally through the Maxilla bones just above my upper teeth, and vertically through the sides of the Mandible, advancing and wiring both forward. Recovery time is estimated at 2 years, obviously resulting in facial deformation and high risk of losing innervation to the lips. I was adamant I did not want this procedure. I went back to the original sleep specialist at the Sleep Disorder Centre who had diagnosed me. He was surprised at the suggestion of surgery and gave me a CPAP machine, which alleviated the Apnoea symptoms but the tiredness persisted. I was admitted for an overnight sleep study, which involved having sensors attached to my head and body to monitor my brain, my movement, breathing etc. It emerged that although I was going into periods of deep sleep; my brain was not doing what it is supposed to during that time. In effect it doesn’t switch to resting but it stays on high alert. So even if I experienced perfect quality sleep, I would still be tired as my brain does not process sleep the way it should. The Doctor informed me that it is an unusual condition and that he sees about 50 people from around the country with the same condition. He informed me that there was no solution to this problem and that the best he could offer me was Ritalin or Modafinil to increase my levels of focus. He prescribed Ritalin feeling it to be a less aggressive drug. It did increase my focus levels, however I was wakeful permanently, it was a sticking plaster and my inner self was becoming more tired, whilst the drug was speeding everything up. I was sharp to the point of aggressive to those around me and I had no feeling of sorrow, it was like kindness, gentleness, conscience and empathy were turned off. (It was shocking to experience and I have absolute compassion for the many children who are being prescribed Ritalin) The Ritalin triggered a condition called Stevens Johnson Syndrome, which is extremely rare and very dangerous. It attacks the mucous membranes of the body, so a lot of people lose their sight and it has a high rate of mortality. It was painful and scary and now drugs were not an option, I was left with no hope.

I drove back from the hospital thinking “I don’t want to live like this anymore” it was an agonised reaction in the face of hopelessness and a day later the feeling had passed, but on that journey I wanted to die. I spent time in prayer, asking God about it. A memory forcefully came to mind of being a small child, full of fear in my bedroom. I grew up in traumatising environments so I wondered if the root of my brain not switching off was to do with that. I asked the Doctor if his other 50 or so patients had traumatic childhoods, he said he didn’t know but did offer to refer me for counselling within the hospital – it is a pretty long wait. I found a PTSD counsellor called Mike and we had three 3 - 4 hour sessions, which have been extraordinarily powerful in resolving trauma and dismantling triggers.

At the same time (January 2016) a friend of mine told me about the PEMF Centre and how much the iMRS and iSLRS were helping him. I immediately contact Gill Wilson at the PEMF centre and she arranged for a month’s trial of the iMRS mat and the iSLRS (which is described as a “spa for your brain”). Gill was incredibly knowledgeable, patient and answered every question I had. She kept in touch with me (and still does) just to check how things are going and making slight changes in the programme for me. I think one of the things I am most grateful for was the fact she prayed for and with me. She is an extraordinarily kind person, who has been through some really hard times physically herself, so she understands what it is like to feel frustrated with/by your own body.

Initially I went on the mat for 4 minutes in the morning, at lunchtime (when I could) and 8 minutes in the evening – all on a very low setting, which steadily increased to 8 minutes morning and lunchtime and 16 minutes in the evening – still on a low setting. Within just two weeks I was sleeping through the night and within 4 weeks I was feeling less tired, and more able to cope. My memory was improving, I wasn’t losing words so often and I felt like I had a cushion of resource rather than living at the bottom of the barrel energetically. Our house then sold and with only 6 weeks to move this would have been daunting for anyone and for me before sleep impossible, but now I could do everything in a more calm and focused way. The move went ahead and in the packing and unpacking I was without my mat and iSLRS for about a week – the difference was immediately noticeable. I was waking up feeling profoundly lethargic again, concentration was difficult, I was losing words again and my memory was obviously impaired. Once I was back into my routine with my iMRS all that has all been restored. The move was immediately followed by a traumatic life event. I suspect that without the iMRS and iSLRS and my faith I would have crumbled.

Had I not had that period without my iMRS, iSLRS I would question whether it was the PTSD counselling, or the mat, but the effect of my time without it proved to me that it is making a significant, in fact life changing, difference. So whilst I would say they are working together in different ways, I have to acknowledge that the level of relief I am experiencing from exhaustion is demonstrably, tangibly due to the iMRS and iSLRS. I have had a few nights when I have felt “too tired” to use the mat and headset – I just wanted to get into bed and go to sleep. The quality of sleep is always inferior and it is simply not worth it.
I used to love walking but found the prospect overwhelming. I could get out and enjoy being outside but the downside was the exhaustion afterwards. I now walk for approximately an hour every morning. I have bought a bicycle and have started small cycling; I had forgotten how much fun cycling was. I don’t have the dragging sense of exhaustion when I wake up anymore. I feel liberated to live. Every time I use the system, I thank God for it and for Gill Wilson from the PEMF Centre. `


Daniel rented a iMRS PEMF system from the PEMF Centre for 1 month after researching the benefits of PEMF for health. He had struggled with chronic pain and fatigue for almost a year and had had to stop working as a property developer for 5 months. This is his video testimonial filmed in the PEMF Centre. Daniel returned to work after 8 weeks of using the iMRS and has made PEMF part of his daily routine.


I am a championship dog breeder and a regularly show at Crufts. A year ago I broke both my ankles and was in excruciating pain. For a very long time I also suffered from fatigue and generally had a lot of pain throughout my body and was continuing to deteriorate. My daughter suggested I visited the PEMF Centre to see if they could help me and consider using PEMF/iMRS on myself. I was no stranger to PEMF as my husband is a vet and he uses PEMF on his animals. I was therefore happy to give it a go. The week I visited the PEMF Centre I was a rock bottom, felt dreadful and in constant pain in my ankles. I was finding it difficult to function at any level and was finding it almost impossible to find any motivation to look after my dogs and the kennels. I had a session in the PEMF centre on the full body mat using the sound and light system (islrs) and had a 16 minute session with the pad on my feet. I felt the beneficial effects of that first session immediately and decided to initially rent a system. Gill asked me to rate my energy level pain levels and a number of other wellbeing markers at the Centre on a scale of 1 – 10 everything was around the 2 out of 10 mark. The pain in my ankles was constant and high. Within 4 weeks of using the full body mat 2 -3 times daily and the pad for my ankles all my scores had gone from 2 to 8 out of 10 and I was finding it so much easier to get through the working day. The pain in my ankles took a much longer to get under control. I rented the iMRS for 3 months and decided with all the improvements in my energy levels, wellbeing, and ability to work full time and the cessation of pain in my ankles that I would buy my own system. iMRS has become part of my daily routine and I am thrilled with all the improvements to my daily quality of life particularly my energy levels and feeling of wellbeing. I would recommend PEMF/ iMRS to anyone. Two weeks ago I ran with my dogs at one of the shows which I was thrilled to be able to do. There was a time when I wondered if I would ever be able to take part in shows again! Thank you iMRS.

Hilary - Championship Dog Breeder

I recently invested in my health by purchasing the iMRS after careful research on PEMF machines over the past year. I finally decided the iMRS was the machine for me as I could do a FREE 1 month trial at home and also when I discovered the intelligent Wellness Lounge now the PEMF Centre in Hertfordshire, I was impressed they were using the iMRS professionally. From the very first time I used the machine it was apparent that it was having an effect on my body and this was the start of something special. I am 56 years old (been a keen road runner and very fit) but have a few issues with arthritis but only with my shoulder. I have already had one hip replaced and was about to undergo surgery for a second hip replacement. I was already using my iMRS daily before the second hip replacement and despite being 5 years older (now 56), I have recovered very quickly from the second hip replacement which is also something I had read in my research that people recover quicker and the healing process is accelerated when they apply PEMF. The Doctors and nurses had not seen anyone recover so quickly as I did during my hospital stay. When I returned home I immediately started using the iMRS each day again and the healing process was quite amazing - all my energy levels are higher, I sleep even better and just feel healthier. I also purchased the iSLRS - WOW! I had not researched or heard about this technology. I understood the basics and thought I would give it a try, good decision! In time I hope to understand this technology a lot better as I am impressed with all the improvements I feel on a daily basis. What I can say of my overall experience of the iMRS and iSLRS is that my mind is sharper clearer quicker alert and more focused. Overall the combination of iMRS and iSLRS is quite phenomenal so I hope that if you try this technology your experience is as good as mine.

Karl Botorek

I am fit and healthy and work out 3 times a week in the Gym. However for many years I have had chronic back pain and in recent months it has been getting worse and have found it more and more difficult to get out of bed in the morning and have become much less flexible and stiff making simple bending and reaching for things very painful. I had used the PEMF Centre regularly and found that with using PEMF 3 times a week my back pain improved immediately. I decided to rent the MRS 2000 for 1 month and make PEMF part of my daily routine for a month. I used the full body mat daily 8 minutes morning and evening and used the pad 1 – 3 times daily. By the end of the month my back pain which I had rated as 7 out of 10 had gone and I was also much more flexible and able to get up out of bed and get going as I used to. I found that my performance improved in the gym and was able to do much more than I usually am able to do in the gym. My overall wellbeing and vitality has improved also during the month. I am really impressed with PEMF as an application for pain management and wellbeing. If I wasn’t just about to buy my first house I would buy my own system however, the option to rent short term during the course of the year is a good option for me which I will do from time to time. 

Glen Butler

This testimony is for anybody thinking of purchasing an iMRS system, I have only been using my iMRS system for a few months now, and already the effects on my body are amazing. I have had back trouble for many years, and also high levels of stress in my life, since using the iMRS system my pain levels have decreased by 90%, and my stress levels, and many of its symptoms have all but faded away from my life. I truly believe that the iMRS system is the future of medicine, be able to work in unity with the body’s own natural healing abilities, instead of the many chemical drugs that we now blindly put our faith in. My only wish is that the readers of this small testimony will put a little faith in themselves and try the iMRS system, and see how it will change their life for the better. I would also like to thank Jackie, and Gill from the bottom of my heart, for going far beyond their professional duties, and making my whole experience of using the iMRS system very easy, and also very special. Believe in miracles, because you are one.
vipreplica.co.uk watchourwatches.co.uk

Phil J Nicholls

I became a regular visitor to the PEMF Centre and very much enjoyed the health and wellness aspects of using PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy)  in the iMRS system. Recently retired and knowing it would be beneficial for all our family's health we purchased our own system which I personally use daily.  My energy levels and overall feeling of wellbeing improved, as did my sleep. I also rid myself totally of a long term tennis elbow problem.

I visited the Cheshunt Minor Injuries unit in September 2013 with severe pain at the rear of my left heel.  The nurse who examined me confirmed inflammation of the area where the tendon joins the heel bone ( I believe it is called heel bursitis). I was advised that the treatment was painkillers/anti-inflammatory and icing the injury.  I was told that because of its location the healing process would take a very long time, owing to the fact that blood supply to that part of the body is particularly poor.  I was advised that I may feel a slight improvement after two weeks, but if not to see the GP.  Complete recovery would take considerably longer, possibly six weeks or more.  In addition to the above I specifically used the pad and probe on the iMRS system following a protocol for acute pain twice daily.  At the end of two weeks all the pain and inflammation was gone and I was able to play my first game of golf.  I was aware that PEMF could accelerate recovery from injury and was delighted to prove this in my situation.

John Mills

I was diagnosed with a Grade 1 ligament tear in my foot and was struggling to put any weight on it and walk. My foot was very swollen with severe bruising. The pain was severe and I would rate that on a scale from one to ten as eight. Three weeks after sustaining the injury we were booked to go on a walking holiday in the Lake District. We were concerned that this was not going to be possible. I met Gill at a BBQ where I was sat with my foot elevated and putting an ice pack on it. Gill said “you need to apply PEMF to that injury, it will accelerate the healing process” and we arranged for me to have an MRS 2000 system at home. Within a week of using the pad twice daily for 16 minutes at the setting Gill recommended the bruising and swelling improved and I was able to support my weight. There was a delay in my referral to a physiotherapist so I continued with my twice daily routine using the PEMF device and only had a few sessions with the Physiotherapist in my third week. Within 3 weeks I could do everything again including enjoying my walking holiday in the Lake District. The specialist Doctor who confirmed the ligament tear advised I could expect the foot to swell particularly after walking.  All I experienced was slight discomfort after daily walking on uneven terrain. After 6 weeks I was back playing football. I am thrilled with the outcome using PEMF/ MRS2000 and would recommend to anyone looking to reduce pain and accelerate the recovery from an injury.

Ben Krey

IT Specialist August 2014
I was initially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 12 years ago after an accident which fractured my spine. The pain became progressively worse over the years and I had to give up Trampolining – a hobby I had since childhood. I also struggled to raise my 2 year old alone due to the pain and worsening fatigue impacting all aspects of daily life. In February 2013 my worsening condition was diagnosed as ME. I started using iMRS/PEMF in May 2013 at The PEMF Centre at The Hertfordshire Golf and Country Club. I was also interviewed as a new client for the Television Documentary about PEMF. I visited the lounge 2-3 times a week for a month and began to notice immediate improvements in my energy levels, improved sleep and pain reduction. I was offered an iMRS system for home use under Gill’s “Community Project Scheme” as she believed daily home use would accelerate my progress. Within just 5 days I was able to jump & somersault on the trampoline not possible for 9 years!! My daily living has improved all round, pain significantly reduced, cessation of pins & needles in hands, medication halved ( (pain killers and sleep medication) able to take my son to the park to play, new social life and ability to wear high heels - awesome in just 6 weeks! See my trampolining debut in video section on the website.
djha.co.uk replicawatchups.co.uk

Clare Gwilliam

July 2013
Yes this is my second injury requiring surgery in 2013! When we went skiing this year, we took our iMRS system with us to help with recovery in the evenings - the removal of lactic acid etc. I sustained a major injury whilst skiing ( although not diagnosed for 10 days). I had a displaced fracture of the coracoid process (the bone in the shoulder which your bi-cep attaches to) Using PEMF/ iMRS I was able to ski the rest of the week and put the break down to a rotator cuff injury. Once again PEMF has had a significant impact on pain moderation, minimising swelling and bone and tissue regeneration.  I was also back to full function one month ahead of schedule. My physiotherapist and surgeons are amazed at the recovery I have made from this injury and the spiral hand fracture in the other testimonial I have outlined. My wife and children all use PEMF/ iMRS daily for general wellbeing.
vipreplica.co.uk pro6.co.uk

Tom Castley

A spiral fracture is one of the worst types of fractures you can sustain. It required an Open Reduction Internal Fixation to get it back to normal - 11 screws and a plate. I used PEMF/iMRS when I first sustained the injury believing it was a bad strain. Therefore the pain relief PEMF/iMRS provides is substantial. Secondly,  post operative bone regrowth was exceptional. My consultant requested an additional X- Ray to confirm that the first did not have a shadow on it. In fact PEMF/IMRS had promoted a significant acceleration in bone growth. Finally,  I required no pain medication following surgery and there was no need for icing to manage swelling or bruising - this was all controlled with daily use of the iMRS, pad and probe.
nhtg.co.uk htsa.co.uk

Tom Castley

I lived with ME/ CFS, Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease with the Co Infection Babesia for over 18 years which dominated all aspects of my life. I had to adapt the way I lived and worked for 12 years. Surgery in 2006 flared the condition to debilitating levels again and eventually I was given an official diagnosis of ME but no treatment offered. I went to the US for treatment in 2008 when I could barely stand up, was noise, light and motion sensitive. I had malaria like fevers and sweats. I had many other neurological problems, was in a great deal of pain in my spine and all joints, muscles and nerves. After 3 years of intensive treatment at a specialist Centre in the US we could not get me well enough to live a normal consistent life until I was introduced to iMRS. I used the system three times daily. My pain decreased, flexibility improved, memory and personality returned, energy levels improved, my system began to regulate and my sleep patterns improved. I looked completely different and no longer crashed when I did simple daily activities.   After 3 months of using the iMRS I had the ability to research the benefits of using a Rife Machine often used by those with Chronic Lyme Disease where long term antibiotic treatment had failed to get the infection out of the system. I used the Rife Machine once a week and continued with the iMRS 3 times daily. After 6 months of using both these systems (both in the area of energy medicine) I was well enough and consistent enough to consider returning to work. What better job could I do than helping those with chronic conditions experience many of the improvements I had done using the iMRS. For the last 6 years I have been working very closely with people with Chronic Lyme Disease, ME/ CFS, Fibromyalgia, MS, Chronic Pain. The results continue to be encouraging and life changing for many I work with.

Gill Wilson

My daughter Katie (22 yrs) suffers from Autism and has a physical disability. Myself and the Centre that Katie attends were all at our wits end with Katie, her behaviour was extremely disruptive and her mobility stiff and slow. Katie’s days were awful for her and all who assist her. The Centre suggested that we try the iMRS System. Katie started the iMRS Treatment Plan at the beginning of June. Katie used the mat twice a day on the wellbeing setting. The pillow was also used on the chronic pain setting for her feet twice per day. Within 3 weeks the change in Katie was amazing.  Her skin colour had changed from grey to a lovely golden glow; her posture changed, Katie was standing straighter and her walking had also improved.  Katie says,' I have been feeling so much better, I am not so tired and not feeling sick (hardly ever now). I have not been having any 'do’s',  I am standing straighter and my feet are better. It’s FANTASTIC.'

Glyn Appleby

Thank you for your guidance in how to use the iMRS. After just two weeks using the mat, pillow and probe daily for 2 weeks, I experienced amazing improvements to a serious hamstring injury after a fall last year. Pain became minimal and I was able to return to wearing shoes with heels. I took the iMRS to Asia where I work and introduced to my boss who had sustained a serious football injury and had undergone surgery and was on crutches. After just a weekend of use, he was not using his crutches. He felt much better in himself, his outlook had changed and he also felt less stressed and tired. He was so impressed he ordered his own iMRS system. My husband Peter, although initially sceptical, had suffered for over 20 years with a knee injury impacting his walking and more recently was impacting on his hip. Again after a short term use the knee pain is dramatically reduced and his hip pain has gone. I don't know how to thank you enough for all your mentoring, support and guidance on the iMRS.

Vicky & Peter Dillcock

For over 20 years I had suffered from jaw pain. This tended to be worse during the winter period, many times my jaw would crack and lock for a few seconds at a time. In July my jaw seized completely! I could only eat very soft food, chewing was impossible. I was referred to the Sheffield Dental Hospital in September 2009. After trying many forms of pain relief (none which worked) I was told the only option was to go on to anti-depressants which were recommended to help with jaw pain. This was not the road I wanted to go down. In February 2010 I was introduced to iMRS. After using the Mat and Probe over a short period of time the pain disappeared and the movement in my jaw came back. My jaw is the best it has ever been NO PAIN and it does not even crack. I can now bite into apples, eat crusty bread and eat a steak. Thank you so much for introducing me to this amazing equipment. I now enjoy using my own iMRS system and use it daily for general well-being and for any other aches and pains

Glynis Philliskirk

I am 79 years old, have been diabetic (tablet controlled for 20 years) and had Parkinson’s for 13 years. Before starting iMRS my symptoms were - Bad tremor and dyskinesia which made me feel very tired all the time. I was unable to get up out of the chair and had difficulty getting out of bed. I had a loss of appetite and found it very difficult to pick up cutlery due to not much feeling in my fingers. Leg cramps and very broken sleep. Walking became very difficult as I was unsteady on my legs and would often fall due to not picking my feet up properly .After using the mat and pad for seven weeks I feel so much better. I can now get out of the chair unaided without the unsightly chair raisers. My appetite has improved greatly; I am able to pick up cutlery with ease; I have more enthusiasm and have taken up my hobbies again of painting and playing the keyboard. My family can understand me as my speech has improved. My blood sugars have altered completely and are stable and sleep has improved.

Len Coxall

I am very pleased with the iMRS. I am 76 years old, and have had sciatica for many years and found I was not as able to carry out everyday house work and gardening. By the end of the day I was in a lot of pain in my back and down left leg. I have more energy, able to do much more activity and sleep well. I am thrilled with the progress of Len. Before he started using the mat and pad (He has had Parkinson’s for 13 years) he was very slow in his movements and very unsteady on his feet. No energy and his speech was becoming quite slurred. I found it difficult to understand him and always had to ask him to repeat everything which made him stop speaking most of the time and was becoming quite withdrawn. I have seen such an improvement in him. He has much more energy and his speech has improved a great deal. His face is much more relaxed, before it was always screwed up. His quality of life has improved a great deal and am looking forward to seeing how he progresses in the future.

Beryl Coxall

I am a nurse who lived with chronic pain and was on the highest level of daily pain medication. I had excruciating burning pain and numbness in my left side just above the hip spreading to my lower back, pelvic area and thigh. I attended a health and wellness seminar with Wolfgang & Gill and quickly visited the PEMF Centre and met with Gill again. In just one session in the Centre with the Mat and Pillow the relief was instant. I ordered my own iMRS free home trial. My pain has improved significantly and on many days I don't have any pain at all. My sleep has improved and I know my mental clarity has also improved. My quality of life has improved and everyone comments how different I look. I am very convinced of the benefits of PEMF/ iMRS and the return to nature to find solutions to some of our health problems. I would like to take PEMF /iMRS to my community and to share all the benefits this therapy has to offer.

Taf Muguwe

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