Omnium 12.0 & OmniBrain
The future of preventative wellness has arrived with the first Android based tablet for your PEMF sessions anytime, anywhere! The Omnium 1 2.0 Complete comes with the full body mat, pad and spot which will fit neatly into the rucksack or an OmniBag which can travel as hand luggage anywhere or to your sports event.

You only need the one tablet for your PEMF sessions and to do your web browsing, emails, photos and anything else you do on your current tablet.

This preventative wellness device features a number of W@pps. A W@pp is traced to the well established term “App”. “App basically describes a software application, whereas a W@pp always contains both software and hardware components, which are connected with and controlled by the Omnium1 2.0

There is already a number of W@pps available with the new Omnium12.0  and more will follow.
OmniBrain, brainwave entrainment is available as a W@pp. The ideal tool for relaxing and balancing the brain during your PEMF session, actively influencing your mental state.

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Why is Omnium 1 leading the way in preventative wellness?
What is Omnium 1 and how does it differ from the iMRS?
What is a W@pp?
Will there be additional W@pp’s available in the future?
What technology is integrated into the Omnium 1?
What are the technical specifications of the Omnium 1?
How can I buy the Omnium 1?
What is the function of OmniBrain?
July 2019

Omnium1 "It`s in the bag"

With every order of an Omnium1 Set or Omnium1 Combo an Original Omnium1 Travel Bag will be sent free!

Omnium1 2.0 - the future of preventative wellness has arrived. PEMF anytime, anywhere.