iSLRS and  iMORE   
You can add the iSLRS integrated Sound Light and Relaxation System and iMORE (= interactive MOnitoring and REgulation system at any time to any three of the iMRS systems to further enhance your wellbeing during iMRS session or buy as a set (saving money) when you initially purchase or set up your "rent to own trial".

The iSLRS is synchronized with the Chinese body organ clock of the iMRS and with a combination of sound and light frequencies it covers almost the entire resonance range of the brain wave pattern. When you consider that today most of the unnatural frequencies that surround us through modern technology resonate in the Mega Hertz range ( mobile phones for example 900 - 1900Mhz) as opposed to the low frequencies of the brain Delta up to 4 Hz, Theta 4 -7Hz, Alpha 8-12Hz and
Beta 12 - 30 Hz. Have you ever considered that they may be adding to your stress and fatigue?

Why can an iSLRS session be so effective? Principally the brain produces all wave lengths simultaneously at any time, However normally a specific frequency always prevails which determines the mental state of the person. With brain wave stimulation we are able to " correct" the frequency pattern and can influence mental state.

Using iSLRS can improve naturally emotional balance without drugs of side effects, reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep. The iSLRS " spa for the brain" bathes your brain with the rest and renewal it needs to return to balance and equilibrium.

iMORE is a complex bio feedback device that allows the iMRS to measure data from the body to individually adjust the iMRS application. It measures the HRV of the body. HRV is a mirror of our homeostatic balance. Homeostasis describes the maintenance of a constant internal environment in our case the human body, which is reached by self regulation. When using the iMORE the iMRS detects any imbalance of the HRV and will adjust the PEMF intensities accordingly, thus trying to restore homeostatic balance. With the iMORE you experience a fully customised and dynamic magnetic field application.

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iMORE & iSLRS during the 28 day rent to own iMRS trial?
Our fast paced lives are becoming ever more demanding and complicated. Many suffer from stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression and insomnia and many have to resort to prescription drugs. Is there another way? iSLRS could be the alternative you are looking for. iSLRS an integrated Sound and Light Relaxation System, can best be described as a " spa for your brain". It works seamlessly with your iMRS session to melt away stress, improve oxygen circulation to your brain, deepen your ability to enjoy relaxing and restorative sleep and naturally improve emotional balance without drugs or side effects. Used regularly with iMRS whole body mat applicator, the iSLRS is the perfect antidote for a modern culture that incessantly bombards us with more and more,faster and faster and too many unnatural frequencies.

The latest iMORE ( interactive MOnitoring and REgulation) technology 'listens' to your body during your daily iMRS session. By monitoring your Heart Rate Variable, iMORE adjusts the iMRS signals to dynamically support optimal balance of your body's regulatory systems. Over time, the iMORE technology (in conjunction with iMRS applications) is able to train and improve your personal HRV by balancing homeostasis. Improving HRV over time means your body's cells and regulatory systems are progressing towards maximum strength and vitality and therefore your body's ability to repair is improved - and that's what health and wellness is all about!

iMRS improving health and wellness 8 minutes at a time