The marvelous pharmacy that was designed by nature and placed into our being by the universal architect produces most of the medicines we need

Norman Cousins

PEMF Centre
Contact the PEMF Centre in Hertfordshire to;
Arrange purchase of the iMRS
  which is sent directly to your home.
SET UP FREE iMRS "rent to own" trial with an option to buy at the end of the trial period again sent directly to your home

ARRANGE a PEMF Consultation  (appointment only) at the Centre or set up a Telephone Consultation.

The PEMF Centre was created out of personal experience and to share with others a fundamental set of principles;

We Believe:

The human body has the ability to heal and repair given the right environment.

For some, current treatments have no answers but there is always hope.

Our modern lifestyles and  technology exposes us to many unnatural frequencies that also impact on our health and wellbeing and hinder our ability to heal.

There are natural, non invasive alternatives to complement and support traditional treatment plans.

You can improve your daily quality of life if you take personal responsibility for your own health.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy can affect outcomes and the life you can lead.


The MRS 2000, iMRS Wellness system and Omnium 1 (the first tablet based PEMF device) are the three PEMF devices we feature in the Centre as they deliver the frequencies most closely to that of nature (0.5Hz - 28Hz) and are therefore most effective in resonating with our own cells thus improve health at a cellular level activating the body’s own healing mechanism.
Healthy cells, Healthy body!

Important note: we do not offer any medical advice in the Centre. We do not diagnose treat or cure any condition or mitigate any disease with PEMF. Any medical concerns should be discussed with your Doctor or health care provider.

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Telephone Gill: 01707 874592

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What is PEMF?
What are the known benefits of applying PEMF regulary?
Who benefits from PEMF and what will I experience?
PEMF for Preventitive Wellness?
PEMF for Chronic pain and chronic conditions?
PEMF for Anti Ageing?
PEMF for Businesses and Productivity ?
PEMF for Sports & Sports injury?
How can I buy the iMRS system
How does the iMRS FREE 1 month trial work?
PEMF and its application teaching and coaching?

iMRS & Omnium 1

October 2019


This is the month to set up your trial on the iMRS or buy your iMRS system with our amazing October promotion. Set up a trial or purchase the iMRS Wellfit system £ 2520 but you will be given a double upgrade and sent the iMRS Professional System for the same price, or be able to buy at the end of your trial for the offer price SAVING £1200.

The iMRS Professional includes the iGUIDE all applicators, intensities to 400 and minute by minute settings. This offer also will be available on the SET packages you pay for the Wellfit SET £ 3290 and get the iMRS Professional SET saving£1135


If you order an Omnium1 iMRS one Basic Set £2330 you will receive the Complete Combo which includes the Spot Applicator and the OmniBrain which would normally cost £ 3210 saving you £880. The Omnium 1 system is an outright phrase and cannot be trialled.

UK's first PEMF Centre. A new concept in health, wellness & vitality for holistic health.